Ala-ud-Din Academy - Girls' High School

Executive Director's Message

Our vision is to make Ala-ud-Din Academy, an academic institution that can make a positive difference at the communal and national level. We strive to achieve this vision through educating students who can be a catalyst of constructive change at national, regional and global level.

We believe that educating girls can bring about innovative changes, not only in their families but also in communities that in turn can help in building a society with solid moral, social and cultural values.

We are making every effort to develop critical thinkers, problems solvers and literate individuals; who can integrate learning and apply it to different situations. We also want our students to be able to access, analyze and evaluate information using diverse resources. We try hard for our students to become effective communicators, who can express through themselves effectively with spoken and written words; become good listeners with understanding and empathy.

The school is striving to develop students into self directed and productive learners; who believe in personal excellence through continuous growth and life long learning. We do our best to instill the values of a responsible citizen in our students, by having a clear sense of right and wrong, practice honesty and integrity, show respect and tolerance for the views / values of others; contribute their time, energy and talent to improve the quality of life in our families, schools, communities, nation and world.

Ala-ud-Din Academy is committed to its vision, mission and core values. We ask for your cooperation, support and commitment, so that together we can achieve high standards. Our students can be the future role models and leaders of the society and we can be the proud members of this Institution and Community who helped students to become such valuable individuals.

Zareen Niazi
Executive Director
Ala-ud-Din Academy