Ala-ud-Din Academy - Girls' High School


Ala-ud-din Academy - Mission
We are fully committed to achieving the Vision of the school by;

  • Fostering the growth and development of students to think critically, solve problems and make informed choices.
  • Instilling enthusiasm for learning in students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.
  • Creating an environment where in partnership with home, community, and staff, encourages student involvement, responsibility, and accountability (to take responsibility for their own actions).
  • Helping students to learn and demonstrate the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship.
  • Providing an open, caring, respectful, and civil environment by welcoming our similarities and honoring our differences in an ever changing world.
  • Maintaining a safe, stable and dependable learning environment.
  • Providing successful experiences for each student to attain self-esteem and the knowledge, skills, and behavior necessary to function effectively and cooperatively in society.
  • Recognizing the worth, dignity, and leadership capacity of every individual
  • Ensuring that all students acquire and use knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.