Zarina Shamim Scholarship Program
Project Supported by Zarina Shamim Trust

The Zarina Shamim Scholarships Program (ZSSP) has been established to pay an on-going tribute to Mrs. Zarina Shamim for her fifty years of dedicated service to girls’ education. She continued working for the success and sustainability of Ala-ud-Din Academy (ALDA) till her last days. She was fully committed to serving the community of Baghbanpura, Lahore, Pakistan and strongly believed in women education.

Vision of the Scholarships Program

Women Empowerment through Education! Vision of Zarina Shamim Scholarships Program is to support girls to attain quality education and enable them to become enlightened and empowered women.

Mission of the Scholarships Program

The mission of Zarina Shamim Scholarships Program is to promote women empowerment by enhancing the educational opportunities for deserving girls.

Objectives of the Scholarships Program

The objectives of Zarina Shamim Scholarships Program are in line with the vision of Ala-ud-Din Academy, to provide opportunities to deserving girls for higher education. The scholarship program enables outgoing girls to:

  • Pursue higher education in their chosen field of interest(s).
  • Practice and use their knowledge for meaningful purposes.
  • Be able to support and become productive members of their family, community, and nation.
  • Provide opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Become well-rounded individuals with intellectual, economic, physical and emotional empowerment.
Underlying Message

The underlying message of this scholarship program is to instill a collective spirit –to come together and help each other. It is expected from the recipients of this scholarship program to continue this circle of support, if and when they are capable to do so, by helping one or more girls in completing their higher education.

Contributors to Zarina Shamim Scholarship Fund (ZSSF)
  • Mian Shamim Ahmed
  • Mrs. Nargis Amir Ahmed Khan
  • Mr. Imran K. Niazi
  • Mr. & Mrs. Hasan A. Niazi
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ammar A. Niazi
  • Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood
  • Dr. Rizwan Mian
  • Dr. Lala Rukh Khan
  • Dr. Khusrow A. K. Niazi
  • Mr. Amir Hafeez
  • Mrs. Naila Asif
  • Mr. & Mrs. Javed Patel
  • Dr. Mehr Nida Aftab
  • Mr. Anjum Nasim
  • Ms. Aalia Riaz
  • Ms. Aamina Riaz
  • Ms. Shazi Malik
  • Mr. Sajid Maruf Khan
  • Agha & Mahrukh Saeed Khan
  • Ms. Dhun Kaikobad
  • Dr. Danyaal Raza
  • Meg Francisco Maria
  • Ms. Ghazala Abbas
  • Mrs. Talat Raana
  • Dr. Farah Mustafa
  • Ms. Maham Ayub
  • Mr. Wasif Khan
  • Ms. Hitomi Iba
  • Mr. Farooq Ahmed
  • Mr. Sheraz Dar
  • Ms. Kathy Matsui
  • Mrs. Nusrat Mansoor Khan
  • Ms. Sana Siddique
  • Ms. Momin Siddique
  • Ms. Saleha Siddique
  • Ms. Tabassum Siddique
  • Mr. Haris Ashraf
  • Mrs. Nasim Maqbool
  • Mrs. Saamia Ahmed
  • Ms. Rashida Zari
  • Ms. Lydia Dorman
  • Mr. Kannan Sethuraman
  • Mr. Nadeem Aftab
  • Ms. Zehra Chinoy
  • Mr. M. Murtaza Chinoy
  • Les, Christine, Erana & Maia Millard
  • Ms. Nigham Chaudhry
  • Students of Ala-ud-Din Academy, Girls’ High School
  • Staff of Ala-ud- Din Academy
Scholarships to Honor Individuals

Several scholarships are given in the name of someone whom family members want to honor and recognize. In order to do so, they make a donation of a substantial amount for one or more times. Currently, these recognition scholarships are in the following names:

  • Mrs. Zarina Shamim
  • Mrs. Nargis Amir Ahmed Khan
  • Dr. Maqbool A. Mian
  • Mr. Yameen Ahmed
  • Mst. Sardar Begum
  • Mr. Amir Ahmed Khan
  • Mst. Amtul Qadeer
  • Mrs. Saddiqa Rafique Qureshi
  • Mr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan
  • Mian Ala-ud-Din
  • Mst. Bakhatawar Khatoon
  • Mst. Razia Begum
  • Mst. Naeema Begum